Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Milltown Obsessions House

Obsession is right. I have been on a binge looking for house stamps. Maybe it's because I want to move so bad. I hate it here in Michigan and have for a long time. It's too cold and I don't drive much. The closest stamp store is an hour away! What is up with that?? Altho, if I put all my stamps together, we could have a stamp store in theory. I just would not sell any to ya. But I might let ya stamp in my garage (you can sit on the boxes of flooring until I get it laid).

I never heard of this company before so if you have any info, let me know-the stamp is dated 1994. It is definitely out of business per Little Bit. I want more, please and thank you. Isn't this house incredible? I could live on the porch for a start. I miss my gramma's porch from back in the 60's but I do have one that spans the front of my house. It just ain't cool like this. And I don't really want to look at the neighbor's pot belly or hairy butt crack, either. So I stay in the back. And watch the dog tear up what is left of the lawn.

ETA-I found this stamp and paid under 12 bucks for it! It's huge!!! I want to live in it!! No mortgage either.