Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kliban This Is The Life

Boy, when you got 96 Mackerels to spend on a USED stamp, you must be having a pretty decent life.The bidding started at 3.75 and escalated up the ladder pretty quickly. That amount of money would keep my kitties in canned yummo's for many many weeks. I wonder if the bidder gets carried away or if it makes no difference as long as he/she wins? I will leave the craziness for others. There is a good chance I can find lot of other kitty stamps and fill up a flat rate box much cheaper.

Besides, this kittah should be on a diet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Penny Black Witch

This stamp was bid up to 29.00 dollars on EBay this weekend. I saw it at the last minute and knew it was out of my reach. I like witches. I've been called one on a few occasions. Been called another word, too. Some people have very limited vocabs.

There was no actual name on this nor a year that the seller could discern. I think it's from the late 1990's because the artwork is similar to a few I do have. Perhaps this same artist did them by season as the others are mostly spring or winter. All this is missing is a broom stick and a ramshackle house.

Friday, January 9, 2009

PSX E712 Beautiful Cat

If only my real cats were as elusive as this rubber one. The real ones are just so whiny lately. I can understand Loki being like he is-after all he is pretty sick with cancer. But the other two just bug him and me all the time. The constant swatting and howling-all are "fixed" and none are related. And all get plenty of attention. I wish I were so lucky that someone would actually notice me. Slug boy doesn't.

I don't have a release year for this but I have seen other similar PSX cats, so maybe it was a family of cat stamps for a few years. This certainly looks real, doesn't it? And it does not have to be fed or have clean litter or shots.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Northwoods Door With Sled

I must have bid on this stamp two dozen times. As far as I can tell, it is a new 2008 stamp, so why it's being bid up to $40 or more dollars is beyond me. I never got it. I see in the current Stampin' Up catty, there is a similar stamp. Trouble is, it's the only set I would spring for from this sad catalog. I never saw such a boring bunch of bound pages as this one was. I have ordered the newest catty for later January 2009 delivery-but if it's crap, no more for me.

I would love to have this stamp simply because it would layer so nicely with pop dotted images. And it would settle right in with my house stamps, too. If anyone knows the stamp number or real name, be sure to leave the info in the comments space. I had a major computer foul up and am on a new machine but so many of the "lust" stamps I had photos of are on the back up and I have not had the time to transfer them. Just be sure to come back and see if I have found anything new and interesting once in a while. My blog gets so lonely without peepers.

ETA-Phyllis Bayliss let me know the item number on this. P1886 and called "wreath sled and birds".