Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stampin' Up Asian Kimono Set

Okay, I can live without this set (no, you can't). I really have too many stamps (no, you don't). I am broke (so what?). I can find some designer paper and make this image of the kimono folded up pretty (you can't even fold towels square). An empty mail box is a good thing (an empty mail box will kill the mailbox by starving it). I'm trying to be good (bwa ha ha). What is that echo I keep hearing saying the opposite of what I mean? (dumb de dumb de dumb).

This is an old set I assume is discontinued. (the more you want it, right?). It's purdy (the more you want it, surely). Resistance is futile (you can't have it-so there!). Dibbity dibbity dibbity.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Old Church And Cemetery

I love old cemeteries. They have stories to tell. Some are better than others and some are boring. You won't find my story in a cemetery, tho. I plan on being cremated and spread over left field at Tiger Stadium. Or shot into space with the grenade launcher my daughter has threatened to purchase just for the occasion. I will either be a home run or go out with a bang-my next life will be interesting.

This stamp reminds me of the cemetery in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It's on the backside of a church with a tall spire that is many decades old. I have done this footrace many a time in July called the Volkslaufe (The People's Race) that runs thru town, over wooden bridges and just as you come back from the farmlands, you cross thru the cemetery and round the church before heading back down a hill into town and over another wooden bridge. It's a grand way to spend the Fourth of July each year, assuming you can outrun the inevitable tornado warnings or flooded Cass River. Stay for the fireworks, too.