Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Kliban Jogging Cat

The day my fat cat starts jogging is the day she also stops eating. Her face is constantly in the dish throwing out what she doesn't like-picking thru the bits and whining when the light brown pieces are gone.5-6 times a day I have to scoop the food back into the dispenser. What makes it to the floor (we keep the dispenser on the kitchen counter end) the dogs scoop up like THEY are starving.

I believe that Rubber Stampede owned the rights to these images at one time. I wonder who does now? Because of the ridiculous prices on eBay for these stamps recently (some over $100) it would be to some one's advantage to buy up the rights and make more as I would want one of each they have.

Ya think this kitty has the "Meow Mix" song on his Ipod?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darcie's Dragon, Knight and Damsel

I think this wonderful set is still available on the Darcie's site. Darcie used to come to the stamp conventions and I have their Cd's and other items. They also has some of the best make and takes going . Either the expense or the crappily run convention keeps them away now.
So why is the knight shorter than the damsel? She could probably whip his ass and then take on the dragon by herself. Whack a dragon with a thorny rose. I am wondering if this may be the same company that made the previous Scot boy and Girl as the art seems similar in some ways. I will have to dig better on Darcie's when I get some time. Now I need the dragon here the most as I have a "thing" for dragons but they have to be red!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scottie Boy & Girl

Another set of stamps with no identity. I can't even place the "art" as you often can with certain artists and their style. I wanted these because my gramma was from Scotland and I had an outfit my aunt sent me from Aberdeen when I was about 6 or 7 that had a kilt and jacket in the family tartan. My mom gave it away to a little girl across the street but I sure wish I had it today to pass on. It was wool and itchy as all get-out tho.

All that wondering over whether you wear panties under a kilt? I have no clue on the guys-my brothers would not have been caught dead in a kilt (I almost had my son convinced to wear one at his wedding but they went this route instead, which is just gorgeous too. Some of the relatives thought they were bonkers-and the chariot was a golf cart.) But I did wear panties and tights and socks over the tights sometimes. It was cold when I was in 2nd grade!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Club Scrap Old World Map 2003

I love maps. It's pretty odd to remember the times when I was with my dad and he had a glove box full in his Ford/Dodge trucks (he worked for GM-duh), and none were anything but Michigan maps, and out of date at that, is kinda nostalgic at 3 AM. I like to pick out odd named cities or follow rivers to see where they exit the land. To think I still believe the tall towers north of gramma's farm is really the North Pole-dad would sure chuckle at that.

I found Club Scrap at my first scrapbook convention. Thought about signing up but decided I just wanted some of the stamps, not the add-ons in the pizza box. So every once in a while I will come across a stamp I like on eBay. This is one I bid on and lost. Odd long map and certainly "out of date". I did find an Aztec-like design and guitar tho. Someday I will have the Andes and the Amazon to go with it.

In the ensuing mess of my life, I managed to actually acquire TWO of these beauties. I will have to decide what to do with the extra one soon. I bid on a lot and got one, and when another auction had a glitch, the seller included one of these as compensation. Wowza!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miss Tickle Nurse Diamonds Stamp Company

I had never heard of this company until I came across this stamp on an auction on eBay. From what I gather, the Diamonds Stamp Company is long gone. The idea is that somewhere on the wood mounted stamp is a faux diamond. You can see it here on the stethoscope.

Nowadays if you are in hospital, you give yourself your own bath. And heaven help you if you are slow about it. You will be denied any privileges like breakfast. Been there-I ended up sneaking into the shower while hubby kept watch for the wench so I could wash my hair after a week. And I faked the tubby wash by slopping the rags in the sink. This is a throwback to days gone by when the attending nurse has the big "o" just by welding a washcloth and bar of soap. Watch out young boys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Northwoods Home Sweet Home

Northwoods is such an incredible stamp company. I have loved their outdoor scenes and have several, almost all trees or landscaping. This week I came across several house on eBay and tried to bid but lost out. On the Northwoods website, you can look back at past supplements but many I have found on eBay are not listed at the site, so I assume they are long retired.

I love house stamps as you can tell from my other lusts. Maybe it's the one thing that has always been a constant in my life-my home. I have lived in mine now for over 30 years and when I am unhappy, I come home and sit on my deck and just feel a whole lot better. I am safe here. My space in the world no matter how bad it gets outside my walls is the place for my heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny Ogre

I don't know who made this stamp. I am not even sure of the name. Tried to win the bid on EBay and failed. It's just funny. Maybe someone will know what it's called or if it's part of a set. The image makes me giggle. So I guess it was worth the time to list it here.

If ogre boy has any relatives, let me know too. The DNA in the family might be interesting.

Monday, October 13, 2008

PSX Fireplace

I have a fireplace-in fact it's double sided, meaning you can use it from either side. It breeches between the formal living room (soon to be my library/den) and a family room. One wall is entirely brick with a mantle spanning it. I have not burned anything in it for years now. Wood by the cord is so expensive here in Michigan and I don't have enough trees to cut down. Plus we have to deal with emerald ash borer and other parasites, so you cannot transport cut wood over county lines. So we burn nothing.
Other than the fact this is listed on EBay at 39.99 BIN, and it's a PSX retired gem, I have no idea on the stamp name or number. This is so Little House On The Prairie. Or Cinderella. I have vegetarian chili in one pot, green tea in another and rice simmering for rice/raisin pudding. All I need is some home made biscuits. I like this because it's not seasonal. Could be from any time of the year-a century ago or somewhere stuck in time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Stampa Rosa Townhouse

Ever had a dream you lived in a place in another life? And have that dream over and over? I have. It was in NYC or one of the boroughs in a place like this. I have red velvet drapes and a dozen cats. I have never been to NYC. Yet I feel like I could describe one of these places down to the cracks in the floor and the trash in the street. I think it's because I view so many films shot there. One of my favorites is Crossing Delancey . Rent it sometime-just a sweet movie without being mushy.

I don't know anything about this particular stamp other than the company name. Not even sure on the title, so I made one up. But I KNOW the wallpaper inside that front door is dark rose pink and mossy green. I just know. Because I have been there! In my dreams.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broom Zelda (Uptown Stamps)

So I was gonna moan and groan over this one. It's been on my lust list for several years now and a couple weeks ago I was bidding on it. Then the auction was over with the seller saying she stopped it and sold to the high bid at least two days ahead of the end. I hadn't seen that happen before, so I emailed the seller. She said the buyer offered her MORE than what she had already bid ($80+) to sell it to her off eBay. Ohhhhkkkkkay.
The seller said she thought maybe she had another or could get one. I never heard back but I was NOT gonna spend over $15 anyways, so didn't matter much. Then late Tuesday, I spied one from my # 1 Michigan junkie um...seller, and nobody had bid on it. So I plugged in my $15.02 (my two cents worth) and waited. And bids. Finally towards the end, some half hearted bids. And Zelda is MINE!! For less than my max bid at that.

I have it listed here because I still have not received it into my cold trembling hands but wanted you to know that persistence does pay off when you lust and don't seek instant gratification. And this stamp will see ink as opposed to the crazy woman who purchased the first one.

ETA-I can't believe it! Along the way to acquiring this stamp, I came across a seller with a whole box of Halloween stamps and I won the bid. It came to me, and lo and behold, I now possess a 2nd stamp of Broom Zelda! I will have to sell it now along with a duplicate of another I have come upon in the same box. I wonder--any readers interested???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

PSX K2052 Truck With Tree

With yet another truck stamp on my wish/lust list, y'all might think I was a hillbilly or something. I have never driven a truck like this, altho my dad owned a few in his time. He had a bright yellow one for years, until I convinced him all cars HAD to be shades of red. Dad grew up on a farm in mid-Michigan and when a truck died, it became part of the landscape. We then "played" in them, until wasps or other nasty creatures took up residence.

This stamp was issued in 1996 by PSX in Petaluma, Ca. Since it so similar to this one, I wonder if it was a series put out that year? So far, these two are the only ones I have come across and both went for quite a bit. Right now, two sellers list this stamp with BIN's of $60 and $75. I can hope the stamp fairy buys it for me, right?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Had To Give Up Jogging....

I could probably just print this out in some funny way and slap it on a card. I have made cards before about running but it's usually "Congrats on Your Marathon" type cards. What if you had a really lousy run? Like you finished last?? (raise your hand) or you puked going over the finish line?? (raise your hand). Or you lost all the skin on your foot?? (raise your hand).

I guess there are good days and bad days to run. The last month has been a bad month for me to run. I don't know that I want to put the photos up just yet. My underwear didn't catch fire but my foot did. So I want this stamp (over 15.00 on Ebay right now). Or some other similar quotes about running. To fun myself and all my fellow penguins . Waddle on.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kliban Cats Eats The Mousies

This must be pretty rare as I can't even find a reference to it. I heard it was American Art Stamps but since I am not sure, I won't put my feet in red hot lava and swear to it. I dare you not to giggle and try to sing along with the tune. Told ya!!!

This stamp recently went for 84 cans of cheapo tuna on EBay. I would be happy with a couple of stamped images to color cause I can feed my whole shedding lot of beggars for less than that each month. Let me know what you know on this one, as I know there are lots more cat images by this Kliban person (male or female??).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stampin' Up Old Fashioned Stove

Normally I would have passed on this large of a stamp. I don't like to make anything much bigger than an A2 size and this would not fit. But this is the kind of stove my gramma had. I remember standing beside her and making Shortbread with real churned butter. Then there was the sliced potatoes my grampa made with onions and sage that were so creamy, then just melted in your mouth. I know he used lard or bacon grease (which I would omit) but it was how he learned to cook in the lumberyards of Ontario back in the teens of the 20th century.
So I tried to bid on this as I had never seen it before. The bidding ended tonight and I thought maybe I would snag it. Sigh, not to be. It went for $40 and I only bid half. Does anyone know the actual title and year this came out? It was being sold in a plastic box unused but with no date that I can see? Remember, if you know anything about these stamps I post that would make a search easier, feel free to leave a comment or email me on the side bar.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Like That In A Man

All I know about this stamp is that title and that it looks like Mark Walberg. If you come across it anywhere and can tell me the company (I think it's fairly current and still actively available) please tell me. I would take Markie Mark in real life, too (I know, he's almost married with a bazillion kidlets). But damn! He is cute.

I am getting a feeling this may be a Viva Las Vegas stamp??-make sure you go check them out. Prepare to laugh, snort, pee your pants and poke your best friend as you look. Just keep the kiddies away when you are looking at the naughty ones!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cat House

Well, I can't set the photo of this stamp here. Not because it's risque (yeah, my title for this blog is misleading-so is Rubber Lust), but the auction seller has her photos protected. I tried to see if there was another reference to this stamp anywhere or maybe the title is wrong-but I found nothing.

So click here and check out the stamp (I don't know if it's one I would ever want, but it sure is interesting as is the price. Some collectors are insane (I bet this one will never see ink).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stampin' Up Merry Christmoose

I nearly got caught up in a bidding war on this set from Stampin' Up. It has an issue date of 2000. I have only seen this listed once before on EBay until today. So the person who kept outbidding me, got outbid at the end by someone who was not listed before in the bidders-serves the wench right. I wanted it and bid first. Glad she didn't get it.
I don't know what the original price of this was but I would take it used if need be. I just think singing mooses are funny. I wonder if they sing when we aren't looking? And what they sing? Rock, rap, naw.... I see them doing doo-wop. Shoo boop be do. Shoo boop de woo.........


So how about this one? Is this not the nicest Santa stamp going? I found it online both indexed in color and just the basic black. Nothing to identify it by name, year or company. I don't think I have come across it again in over 3 years. But I want it.

I usually love the old European rustic Santas but this one seemed so Miracle on 42nd Street to me. If you see this in your eBay travels, let me know. Or if you have it, sell to me? Purty pleeze??

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stamps Happen Wedding Gown

I don't know much about this stamp at all other than it's retired as I believe the whole company is now gone or bought out or something like that. A few years ago the company had a booth at the local stamp convention but since then, I remember hearing something about them selling out. Anybody know?
So whatever the actual name of this stamp, I just refer to it as wedding dress. But it could be a prom dress or a dress up dress or some one's bathrobe depending what your lifestyle is. It's just real purty to me.

Stampendous Sunny Bank Cottage 1996

Another in my quest to find all the wonderful stamps of abodes. I imagined this to be located somewhere in Europe-preferably the British Isles. Love the thatched roof. So I wonder what other stamps were in this series as this is 12 years ago this was issued.

If you have ever stamped with anything I am listing on here, please feel free to send the photo to me via email so I can add it to the listing. If you click about me, you will find my email. Now explain to me the blue bushes on the stamp indexing.

Friday, September 5, 2008

PSX Large Kitty Cat

I have several small cat and dog stamps from PSX. This one, I think was about 5" x 4". Pretty huge. One auction went for over $75. Insane, right? But some ladies out there have unlimited pocketbooks. I can adopt a cat from the Humane Society for less than that and get free shots too. But this one doesn't whiny meow all night or need a litter box change.

So if you know the real name of this stamp, let me know. Anybody got old PSX catalogs out there? Last week one auctioned off for $49.99. It was no special year or anything-just a PSX catalog.

ETA-Thank you Pauline for letting me know this is called Waiting For Dinner K-2067. It was issued after 1993 but before 1999. Someday maybe I will own it-or at least some images!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

PSX G- 2084 Vintage Acme Moving Truck

I have only seen this on EBay a few times and I always bid-I have a max bid and usually at the end just when I think I am gonna finally snag this beauty, the process goes crazy and my bid is so low to the winning one. I mean my bid is less than half what the end price was. Phooey.
As I type this, there is a vendor with a BIN of $32.75. Not gonna happen. I do wonder whatever happened to the artists who worked for PSX because their stamps were incredible. I got my daughter one of the botanicals last year (not gonna say how much-but it was the most I ever paid for any stamp on wood). I wish these artists would come back as most of the stamps today have left me in the dark.
ETA-I was able to find this one on Ebay September 5 for about $11.00 and change. That is a lot better than the BIN above! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PSX Victorian Doll House

PSX K-1544 1995

This stamp was offered on EBay at 79.99 or best offer. There haven't been any offers that I know of. I keep watching and hoping she will lower the price. Not in my lifetime. I would need a mortgage to buy this single stamp.

Art Impressions Monkeys

I tried to bid on this one recently on eBay but the price got out of hand. The final bid was $43.00. I then saw it again with a BIN but I wasn't quick enough. I don't remember the price but it was close to this one.

Art Impressions sometimes re-releases oldie but goodie images. I can keep my not so hairy fingers cross that they do someday soon.

Have A Case Of Rubber Lust?

I created this blog because of my growing lists and saved photos of stamps I want so so badly. Some I will never be able to afford (old PSX and some Stampin' Up sets). Many I save the files and forget about them until I see them used in a magazine example. And then whine and moan because they aren't available locally (like Mike's or Jo's has anything to begin with) so I end up searching the Internet. I find them with god-awful shipping rates and back off.

So if I can't buy them, at least I can look in one place at them and lust and drool and hope the stamp fairies will place them under my pillow. I now present you with a photo of my number one must have stamp. Isn't it to die for???

Stampa Barbara (year??)

Want to join me in my lust? Email me and I will add you. No spammers allowed unless you send mega cashier's checks for our addictions.