Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stampin' Up Asian Kimono Set

Okay, I can live without this set (no, you can't). I really have too many stamps (no, you don't). I am broke (so what?). I can find some designer paper and make this image of the kimono folded up pretty (you can't even fold towels square). An empty mail box is a good thing (an empty mail box will kill the mailbox by starving it). I'm trying to be good (bwa ha ha). What is that echo I keep hearing saying the opposite of what I mean? (dumb de dumb de dumb).

This is an old set I assume is discontinued. (the more you want it, right?). It's purdy (the more you want it, surely). Resistance is futile (you can't have it-so there!). Dibbity dibbity dibbity.

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