Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House Mouse Fruit Bowl

I love grapes. Any color, any style (altho seedless is better). But I won't buy grapes from Mexico. All the food scares in recent years have made me wary of Mexican produce unless I can scrub them well. So grapes must be US grown. You also won't get me to eat a banana from anywhere. I hates them! They are kryptonite! I'd rather die of starvation!

The possibility exists that this is a newer stamp. I don't know the title or the date but it's probably not a Stampa Rosa version as those were indexed in black. So we will assume this is fairly new. But it's too cute for words. Honestly if these mice toss as well as they seem to do and mousie can catch like that, maybe they should try out for the Detroit Lions. Looks like a completed pass to me. And no interception. We need a quarterback (even if I hate football, I do feel some empathy-just not a whole lot).

ETA: This stamp is called Fruitful Day. Thanks Curt in Carmel.


  1. They are seriously cute. Hobby Lobby has House Mouse now under the Stampabilities brand. http://www.craftsetcwholesale.com/store/item.aspx?DepartmentId=4557&ItemId=30882&

  2. This is stamp I could lust after too!

  3. This stamp is called "Fruitful Day". I looked it up on the Official HM site. They don't give a date, so I'm not sure what year it was made. Best, Curt

  4. Just found this image via google... really cute, those cuties :)

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