Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat Reading Newspaper

I have been gone a while from this blog. Not an apology but an observation. On to better things.

I always imagined my cats being human. In fact one of my favorite blogs is "written" by a Psycho Kitty . If the cat in my house could talk, she would say some pretty hateful things. I know she hates her food, I know she thinks using the spines of my books are her personal nail groomers, I know she believes the bed is hers, and that I am lucky to have two inches on the left side and I know, she misses her older siblings who died last summer.

The only thing I know about this stamp is that it's from Magenta. If you happen to know anything about it, please leave a comment. Now my big question would be....what paper is she reading? Since Magenta is a Canadian company perhaps it's the Toronto Star or the Montreal Gazette. Assuming those papers are still being published. All the papers are going away.

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