Monday, October 18, 2010

Manger/Christmas Play from Art Impressions??

Forgive the bad photos. I am working late in the night to clean off my desk.

I found this set of stamps on eBay and since no one else purchased them, I did. I thought my daughter in law might like them for church related activities or newsletters. But I am curious about the origins of it and if there are any more stamps relating to this set. The seller on eBay had bought them from someone who often volunteered at the Novi stamp shows in Michigan and also had other similar choir stamps. The artist is the same, I believe.

These were unmounted stamps that the original owner mounted on wood, so there is nothing on the wood to say who manufactured these. The eBay seller believes it's Art Impressions but I cannot find anything to say one way or the other and they may be from AI, just retired. If you know anything about the artist, company and if there are more in the set, please leave a note and links if you have any cards done with them. I would love to get the remaining items if possible.

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  1. These are definitely Art Impression stamps. Just two weeks ago I had them in my eBay wish list!! Love this!


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