Monday, November 14, 2011

Graven Images Cut and Fold House

Insanely cool! I found this HUGE stamp on Ebay measuring 6 across by 4 1/2 high.  It is from a company called Graven Images from Chattanooga Tennessee. I have never heard of this company and of course, it is no longer in business.  Just my stupid luck. I want to know if there is a whole town or other items that work with this stamp.  It would be perfect for a House Warming party or whatever fits inside the one and a half inch square base. I have searched Ebay for more but the stamping community is always up on odd stamps and companies.

So stampers of the INKY-verse! Pick thy brains and peruse thee stashes of forgotten stamps. I would love more of this type, even if it's not the same company.  I didn't pay much for this one, as I would guess not a whole lot of stampin' mammies are as weird as me for wanting to collect houses. 

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  1. Fantastic stamp!! Wish I could help but I do wish you would post a picture of it assembled! :)


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