Sunday, October 16, 2011

Looking For Former Magenta Stamp Artist-Cats

I am trying to remember the artist on this stamp and many with the same character cat getting into mischief. I know she was from Quebec and her name was something like Marylise or close to that spelling. I used to get emails from her when she had new stamps and I know she left Magenta a while ago. I think they retained the rights to the images she drew for them. Does anyone know her name and/or her website? I have many of the stamps with her drawings on them mounted on wood but now I see there is also cling being made. I would love to make contact with her again.

I have always hoped to get all the cat stamps she drew, as they always give me chuckles (I am a cat person!). If you have info, please leave it below, and thanks for stopping by.

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