Monday, October 13, 2008

PSX Fireplace

I have a fireplace-in fact it's double sided, meaning you can use it from either side. It breeches between the formal living room (soon to be my library/den) and a family room. One wall is entirely brick with a mantle spanning it. I have not burned anything in it for years now. Wood by the cord is so expensive here in Michigan and I don't have enough trees to cut down. Plus we have to deal with emerald ash borer and other parasites, so you cannot transport cut wood over county lines. So we burn nothing.
Other than the fact this is listed on EBay at 39.99 BIN, and it's a PSX retired gem, I have no idea on the stamp name or number. This is so Little House On The Prairie. Or Cinderella. I have vegetarian chili in one pot, green tea in another and rice simmering for rice/raisin pudding. All I need is some home made biscuits. I like this because it's not seasonal. Could be from any time of the year-a century ago or somewhere stuck in time.

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  1. Hi Jan! If you haven't already obtained it, this stamp is on eBay now for a starting price of $9.99 here:


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