Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kliban This Is The Life

Boy, when you got 96 Mackerels to spend on a USED stamp, you must be having a pretty decent life.The bidding started at 3.75 and escalated up the ladder pretty quickly. That amount of money would keep my kitties in canned yummo's for many many weeks. I wonder if the bidder gets carried away or if it makes no difference as long as he/she wins? I will leave the craziness for others. There is a good chance I can find lot of other kitty stamps and fill up a flat rate box much cheaper.

Besides, this kittah should be on a diet.

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    Hello, I'm a bonafide hardcore, Kliban cat stamp collector...and believe me, it seems I'm working lately just to afford the things. I am trying to find out how many different designs of the Kliban rubber stamps were ever made. I know American Art & Rubber Stampede sold them. I even contacted them and neither have a clue nor even old catalogues to draw from. Does anyone have the answer to this question? I currently have 57 in my collection. Every time I turn around there is ANOTHER one on eBay I haven't seen before. Aaaargh...I just want to know if I only have 20 more to go or 200.

    Please, please if someone can help me figure this out I'd really appreciate it.

    Boo Boo Cat's Mom =^-^=



Give in to the dark side. Let me know where to get these stamps. Have a lust stamp? Let me know. Think I am nuts? I ALREADY know that!