Monday, January 19, 2009

Penny Black Witch

This stamp was bid up to 29.00 dollars on EBay this weekend. I saw it at the last minute and knew it was out of my reach. I like witches. I've been called one on a few occasions. Been called another word, too. Some people have very limited vocabs.

There was no actual name on this nor a year that the seller could discern. I think it's from the late 1990's because the artwork is similar to a few I do have. Perhaps this same artist did them by season as the others are mostly spring or winter. All this is missing is a broom stick and a ramshackle house.


  1. Oh Jan I had to laugh at your post. Have a great day ~ Jovi

  2. Her name is 'Treatin Withch' (1206K) made by Penny Black. Think it`s from 1998. Good Luck!

  3. You can find her at

    For about $12 (I think) new.


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