Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Club Scrap Old World Map 2003

I love maps. It's pretty odd to remember the times when I was with my dad and he had a glove box full in his Ford/Dodge trucks (he worked for GM-duh), and none were anything but Michigan maps, and out of date at that, is kinda nostalgic at 3 AM. I like to pick out odd named cities or follow rivers to see where they exit the land. To think I still believe the tall towers north of gramma's farm is really the North Pole-dad would sure chuckle at that.

I found Club Scrap at my first scrapbook convention. Thought about signing up but decided I just wanted some of the stamps, not the add-ons in the pizza box. So every once in a while I will come across a stamp I like on eBay. This is one I bid on and lost. Odd long map and certainly "out of date". I did find an Aztec-like design and guitar tho. Someday I will have the Andes and the Amazon to go with it.

In the ensuing mess of my life, I managed to actually acquire TWO of these beauties. I will have to decide what to do with the extra one soon. I bid on a lot and got one, and when another auction had a glitch, the seller included one of these as compensation. Wowza!

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