Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miss Tickle Nurse Diamonds Stamp Company

I had never heard of this company until I came across this stamp on an auction on eBay. From what I gather, the Diamonds Stamp Company is long gone. The idea is that somewhere on the wood mounted stamp is a faux diamond. You can see it here on the stethoscope.

Nowadays if you are in hospital, you give yourself your own bath. And heaven help you if you are slow about it. You will be denied any privileges like breakfast. Been there-I ended up sneaking into the shower while hubby kept watch for the wench so I could wash my hair after a week. And I faked the tubby wash by slopping the rags in the sink. This is a throwback to days gone by when the attending nurse has the big "o" just by welding a washcloth and bar of soap. Watch out young boys!

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