Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kliban Jogging Cat

The day my fat cat starts jogging is the day she also stops eating. Her face is constantly in the dish throwing out what she doesn't like-picking thru the bits and whining when the light brown pieces are gone.5-6 times a day I have to scoop the food back into the dispenser. What makes it to the floor (we keep the dispenser on the kitchen counter end) the dogs scoop up like THEY are starving.

I believe that Rubber Stampede owned the rights to these images at one time. I wonder who does now? Because of the ridiculous prices on eBay for these stamps recently (some over $100) it would be to some one's advantage to buy up the rights and make more as I would want one of each they have.

Ya think this kitty has the "Meow Mix" song on his Ipod?

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  1. Oh I LOVE the Kliban cats and I am lucky enough to have bought just one way back in the 1980's....the Superkitty one (he has on a cape and is flying). I used to see them sold at a little place in San Francisco, but now they only have Kliban notecards. Wish I had snatched up a bunch way back when, but who knew?!


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