Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Have A Case Of Rubber Lust?

I created this blog because of my growing lists and saved photos of stamps I want so so badly. Some I will never be able to afford (old PSX and some Stampin' Up sets). Many I save the files and forget about them until I see them used in a magazine example. And then whine and moan because they aren't available locally (like Mike's or Jo's has anything to begin with) so I end up searching the Internet. I find them with god-awful shipping rates and back off.

So if I can't buy them, at least I can look in one place at them and lust and drool and hope the stamp fairies will place them under my pillow. I now present you with a photo of my number one must have stamp. Isn't it to die for???

Stampa Barbara (year??)

Want to join me in my lust? Email me and I will add you. No spammers allowed unless you send mega cashier's checks for our addictions.


  1. Post your list of SU stamps. I have a lot of old sets and some for sale at the moment.

    Email me if you would like to see a list.


  2. oh that is a good one!!! I can see the reason for lust!

    I once seen an old tractor SU set on ebay that was when I looked at it the bid was over $1500! I could not believe it!

    What an original blog you have created over here!


Give in to the dark side. Let me know where to get these stamps. Have a lust stamp? Let me know. Think I am nuts? I ALREADY know that!