Thursday, September 25, 2008

PSX K2052 Truck With Tree

With yet another truck stamp on my wish/lust list, y'all might think I was a hillbilly or something. I have never driven a truck like this, altho my dad owned a few in his time. He had a bright yellow one for years, until I convinced him all cars HAD to be shades of red. Dad grew up on a farm in mid-Michigan and when a truck died, it became part of the landscape. We then "played" in them, until wasps or other nasty creatures took up residence.

This stamp was issued in 1996 by PSX in Petaluma, Ca. Since it so similar to this one, I wonder if it was a series put out that year? So far, these two are the only ones I have come across and both went for quite a bit. Right now, two sellers list this stamp with BIN's of $60 and $75. I can hope the stamp fairy buys it for me, right?

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  1. How about this one in Australia?
    The item number is 260303253627 . There's a Noah's Ark AND a truck, but a different one from the one in your photo. Both PSX.
    And remember, the $A is very low agains the US$, so the price might be better than you think.
    No, I'm not the seller, I was just shopping.


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