Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stampin' Up Old Fashioned Stove

Normally I would have passed on this large of a stamp. I don't like to make anything much bigger than an A2 size and this would not fit. But this is the kind of stove my gramma had. I remember standing beside her and making Shortbread with real churned butter. Then there was the sliced potatoes my grampa made with onions and sage that were so creamy, then just melted in your mouth. I know he used lard or bacon grease (which I would omit) but it was how he learned to cook in the lumberyards of Ontario back in the teens of the 20th century.
So I tried to bid on this as I had never seen it before. The bidding ended tonight and I thought maybe I would snag it. Sigh, not to be. It went for $40 and I only bid half. Does anyone know the actual title and year this came out? It was being sold in a plastic box unused but with no date that I can see? Remember, if you know anything about these stamps I post that would make a search easier, feel free to leave a comment or email me on the side bar.


  1. Have not seen this one but like the old fashioned stoves at!

  2. The stamp is in my 1998-1999 catalog and I am lusting for it too!


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