Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kliban Cats Eats The Mousies

This must be pretty rare as I can't even find a reference to it. I heard it was American Art Stamps but since I am not sure, I won't put my feet in red hot lava and swear to it. I dare you not to giggle and try to sing along with the tune. Told ya!!!

This stamp recently went for 84 cans of cheapo tuna on EBay. I would be happy with a couple of stamped images to color cause I can feed my whole shedding lot of beggars for less than that each month. Let me know what you know on this one, as I know there are lots more cat images by this Kliban person (male or female??).


  1. I lust for this one too - I had a beach towel with this image on it as a kid. But there are loads of loonies out there willing to pay insane $$$. Check out:
    to hear the song live.

  2. I got that image, on ebay for steal I think it was 8 delivered!!!!! You are right the entire line is out of control. I will not pay more than 10 for one,

    The one you have shown is more than likely the 2nd company, which was licensed after Kliban, the artist passed away. The original Company is American Art, no longer making them.

    Not a stamp but there are annual catcalendars out-- I just got the coloring book one for 9 bucks for 2011. Will make great gifts.

  3. I have this stamp. But you can't have it. :) I bought it new. We also have a cute book from him with the original cartoon. The Stamp I have is from Rubber Stampede Refrence "Cat Lyrics" # A-175-E . I bought it from a Party Store Or at the Mall in the 80's or 90's. Good luck to all. ;)


Give in to the dark side. Let me know where to get these stamps. Have a lust stamp? Let me know. Think I am nuts? I ALREADY know that!