Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broom Zelda (Uptown Stamps)

So I was gonna moan and groan over this one. It's been on my lust list for several years now and a couple weeks ago I was bidding on it. Then the auction was over with the seller saying she stopped it and sold to the high bid at least two days ahead of the end. I hadn't seen that happen before, so I emailed the seller. She said the buyer offered her MORE than what she had already bid ($80+) to sell it to her off eBay. Ohhhhkkkkkay.
The seller said she thought maybe she had another or could get one. I never heard back but I was NOT gonna spend over $15 anyways, so didn't matter much. Then late Tuesday, I spied one from my # 1 Michigan junkie um...seller, and nobody had bid on it. So I plugged in my $15.02 (my two cents worth) and waited. And bids. Finally towards the end, some half hearted bids. And Zelda is MINE!! For less than my max bid at that.

I have it listed here because I still have not received it into my cold trembling hands but wanted you to know that persistence does pay off when you lust and don't seek instant gratification. And this stamp will see ink as opposed to the crazy woman who purchased the first one.

ETA-I can't believe it! Along the way to acquiring this stamp, I came across a seller with a whole box of Halloween stamps and I won the bid. It came to me, and lo and behold, I now possess a 2nd stamp of Broom Zelda! I will have to sell it now along with a duplicate of another I have come upon in the same box. I wonder--any readers interested???

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  1. How much do you want for your extra Broomzelda stamp? Email me at


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