Friday, September 5, 2008

PSX Large Kitty Cat

I have several small cat and dog stamps from PSX. This one, I think was about 5" x 4". Pretty huge. One auction went for over $75. Insane, right? But some ladies out there have unlimited pocketbooks. I can adopt a cat from the Humane Society for less than that and get free shots too. But this one doesn't whiny meow all night or need a litter box change.

So if you know the real name of this stamp, let me know. Anybody got old PSX catalogs out there? Last week one auctioned off for $49.99. It was no special year or anything-just a PSX catalog.

ETA-Thank you Pauline for letting me know this is called Waiting For Dinner K-2067. It was issued after 1993 but before 1999. Someday maybe I will own it-or at least some images!

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  1. G'day
    That stamp is called "Waiting For Dinner", and the number is K2067. It's in the 1999 catalogue, and it's not marked as "new" there. It's not in the 1993 catalogue. So that might help you locate it.
    I'm also marvelling at the prices PSX stamps are getting! I sometimes sell some, so I'm very pleased, but mostly I like them to use and keep!
    Good luck


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