Friday, September 12, 2008

I Like That In A Man

All I know about this stamp is that title and that it looks like Mark Walberg. If you come across it anywhere and can tell me the company (I think it's fairly current and still actively available) please tell me. I would take Markie Mark in real life, too (I know, he's almost married with a bazillion kidlets). But damn! He is cute.

I am getting a feeling this may be a Viva Las Vegas stamp??-make sure you go check them out. Prepare to laugh, snort, pee your pants and poke your best friend as you look. Just keep the kiddies away when you are looking at the naughty ones!


  1. This man stamp is made by One of my local stamp stores used to carry it and I almost bought it for something I was working on, but on closer inspection, he looks African American and that would not have worked for my project.

    Ironically, the name of the stamp is Mark.


  2. Definitely Cherry Pie...and very cute :-)
    I have this stamp and enjoyed making an ATC with it.
    Just found your blog & thoroughly enjoying reading it.

  3. Definitely Cherry Pie..very cute :-) I have this stamp, made an awesome ATC
    Just found your Blog and enjoying reading it.


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