Thursday, September 4, 2008

PSX G- 2084 Vintage Acme Moving Truck

I have only seen this on EBay a few times and I always bid-I have a max bid and usually at the end just when I think I am gonna finally snag this beauty, the process goes crazy and my bid is so low to the winning one. I mean my bid is less than half what the end price was. Phooey.
As I type this, there is a vendor with a BIN of $32.75. Not gonna happen. I do wonder whatever happened to the artists who worked for PSX because their stamps were incredible. I got my daughter one of the botanicals last year (not gonna say how much-but it was the most I ever paid for any stamp on wood). I wish these artists would come back as most of the stamps today have left me in the dark.
ETA-I was able to find this one on Ebay September 5 for about $11.00 and change. That is a lot better than the BIN above! Woo Hoo!

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  1. Congrats for finding this! What a perfect stamp for moving; I really like this one. When I moved last year, I couldn't find a stamp I liked to let people know we'd moved, so I just waited and put our new address in Christmas cards!


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